Farid Chatur | Owner/Broker in Charge


Specialty:Commercial Retail/Warehouse/Land/Gas Stations

Farid Chatur has been living in the Houston area for over 25 years and is very familiar with the landscape and the pulse of the Houston market.

His personal and business benchmarks are based upon integrity, honesty and fairness. With his extensive background as an entrepreneur he brings a depth and breadth of expertise not found elsewhere. His clients’ best interests are always at heart, and he is determined to meet or exceed their expectations.

Regardless of sales price or location, buyers or sellers,he is dedicated to giving each and every client the highest standard of service.

He is skilled in strategic marketing, competitive market analysis, income analysis and lead generation. He is insightful and approachable; adept at reading people and understanding needs.

Martha Sellers | Realtor


Having several years of lending experience, Martha Sellers decided to take her professional life in a
different direction. She became a Realtor.

“Real Estate is so personal and I enjoy becoming friends with my clients”, she said. “I take the fear out of
buying and selling a home. Plus I can explain the entire process before we even begin, then there are no surprises.”

Raised in Colombia, she understands the culture and the language of two countries making her a perfect choice for many from many different lands.

“Now a days is so important to speak more than one language, but understanding other cultures is as important, if not more, than just knowing the language”.

Married with two beautiful children, she loves the flexibility that owning her own business has giving her.

“Real estate is the perfect fit for me and my family”

With a background in Engineering, Martha’s organizational skills show every step of the process.

“I like to explain the purchase process step by step to my clients. And I pay really close attention to all the little details and all the dates and more”.

Realizing she felt comfortable getting personal with clients understanding exactly how they feel, she has never been sorry and never looked back. She likes that they trust her and call her even after their
business is finished, they still continue to call her for help.

“I love that. Helping them makes me happy”.

“I am there for them before and after the sale”